Women’s History Month

Today is the last day of Women’s History Month. I’ve been super busy in my personal life that I have been M.I.A. However, I had to come through to celebrate and acknowledge such an important occasion. During this month, we celebrate all the great women in history and the present day heroines who have contributed significantly to society and the progression of women. We salute these women for blazing the trail before us and shattering those glass ceilings in order to make our path easier.

There are so many past and present day women who we can acknowledge. While reflecting on the qualities and attributes that highlights their greatness; I challenge you to look for those same qualities in you or the women around you. Many of these heroines are fearless and resilient. They set out to evoke change and when faced with obstacles, these phenomenal women continue to fight on despite their personal flaws or the resistance of the world. Most of all, heroines take all the lessons learned and evolve. That is the reason we utilize the entire month of March to celebrate women. We have earned our crowns and deserve our flowers.

Although this month has come to an end, the celebration does not stop. Reflect on the many obstacles you have overcome thus far and celebrate your successes. Continue to fight to change the world daily in everything that you do. Be fearless, resilient, and evoke change no matter where you are. Walk tall, hold your head high, be confident and use your voice. Believe in your abilities, talents, and all that you posses. Make a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of everyone you encounter. Even if the world doesn’t know your name, strive to impact the people you meet. Today we celebrate you and all women as we use the foundations of the past to blaze our own trails of today, and pave the way for future generations. For Women’s History Month this year, Honor the past, Celebrate the present, and Be the future. Continue to Be Inspired and Evolve.

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