The Power of a Dream

This week we celebrate the birthday of a very important historical figure, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This man’s actions inspired change that is still evident in the world today. Dr. King had a dream that everyone would be treated equally. He gave his speech amongst the masses and ultimately created the change that he wished to see in the world. Dr. King’s speech was so profound that the power of the words can still be felt today when the speech is heard. Whenever I hear the “I have a Dream” speech, it makes me think about the legacy that Dr. King left through his words, actions, and dedication. Then, I think about the legacy that I want to leave.

As we all know the underlying message of this website is to encourage others to be inspired and evolve. This is why I birthed this blog. I want to create change in the world by helping others realize that they have the power to evolve beyond the person that they are at this moment. By helping to build others up and giving them the tools and inspiration to make strides toward the life they envision, I can help contribute to the world I wish to see. My dream is that we all stop existing and start living. Any dream that you may have, I want you to pursue it no matter how small or big it may be. Regardless of how unrealistic or far fetched it may seem, pursue your dream. Like Dr. King, you may not live to see the dream come into fruition, but your work may be the starting point and the impact might be so great that someone will be inspired to continue on the journey and fight on.

This week I encourage you to go listen to Dr. King’s “I have a Dream” speech. After listening, I encourage you to visualize the world that you wish to see. Write down any dreams or goals that you wish to pursue and how your dreams will impact the world. As we commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we must continue to be grateful for the work, the dedication, and ultimately the sacrifice contributed through his life and legacy. Continue to be inspired and evolve. Happy birthday Dr. King!

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