Preparing To Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is a few days away and I have been looking forward to this day all year. This year has been very traumatic and many of us have suffered great loss. That makes this holiday much more meaningful. I am looking forward to feasting and fellowshipping with the ones I love. When we gather together this Thanksgiving, I can’t wait to hug my family a little tighter and I look forward to all the fun and laughter that we will share.

After experiencing such a tough year, this Thanksgiving, we must really love on our family and think about the things we are most thankful for. Of course we must still practice social distancing, but we must also cherish time with those we love. When we gather around the table to give thanks together, don’t just focus on the meal. Pray together, express what you are most thankful for, and remind each other about the importance of family. Also, remember to honor the ones who did not make it to witness this day. This is not just any old Thanksgiving, this is a day to really give thanks with a grateful heart after such a mind-blowing year.

During this holiday, I challenge you to make a list of all of the things you are most thankful for. This is the time to really count your blessings and see how good God has been to you even in the midst of turmoil. I also challenge you to make memories. Think of a way that you can make this holiday unforgettable through fellowship. Maybe you can bring games for after dinner or even encourage others to participate in karaoke. Create memories that will last a lifetime, count your blessings, and give thanks. Continue to be inspired and evolve! Happy Thanksgiving Evolvers!

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