Inspiration From Children

There’s joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world through the eye’s of a child. – Katrina Mayer

As we all know, the holiday’s are here and the festivities have already commenced. Well, this weekend, my family and I took a trip to the pumpkin patch to take pictures and pick out our 2020 family pumpkin. The experience was extremely magical. Something about visiting the pumpkin patch and going home to have our carving party really elevates the excitement of the holiday spirit. Seeing my baby smiling, carefree, and marching the grounds in search of the perfect pumpkin reminded me of the joys of being a child.

Children are truly an inspiration. We as adults spend our lives teaching and guiding our children; however, raising children should be viewed as a two way street. We can honestly learn many valuable attributes from watching our little ones. Our adventure this weekend reminded me of a few ways in which we could be inspired by viewing the world through childlike eyes.

As Katrina Mayer stated, children find joy, wonder, and inspiration in everything. The world is literally their playground and their canvas. In viewing the world through the eyes of children, we can learn to be resilient, confident, and color outside the lines. By coloring outside the lines, I mean we dare to be different, bold, and unafraid to try new things. Most of all, children possess an incredible amount of spirit. In essence they are very admirable beings who add lots of color and excitement to our world.

Honestly, a great deal of these traits are missing in many adults in the world today. We have lost our childlike qualities that matter. For some of us, we allow the little child in us to emerge during the holidays. Then, they are tucked away once more after the New Year settles in. We must adopt a childlike mentality throughout life in many situations. It’s important that we never lose our wonder. Also, we must remember to color outside the lines, find inspiration in everything around us, and always be confident in being ourselves. This is our challenge this week; view the world through the eyes of a child. I suggest maybe even visiting a pumpkin patch or creating your own adventure. Continue to be inspired and evolve!

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