Purple Ribbon Warriors

Go Purple! As we continue in the month of October, we recognize another group of honorary warriors. Last week, we placed the spotlight on Breast Cancer survivors and how their stories inspires us to “fight like a girl” to overcome any battle we face. This week we recognize our purple ribboned warriors, those who were or currently are victims of domestic violence.

The CDC reports that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men are domestic violence victims at least once in their lifetime. This month is the time where we raise awareness and educate others on the severity of this issue. However, the fight is continuous. We also use this time to commend those who were able to escape and share their stories to encourage others who are still in the battle. These survivors are also walking inspirations. For me when I hear their stories recounting their experiences, it is tear jerking. Then, when they share how they were able to muster up the strength and courage to leave the situation, their strength really touches my heart and inspires me.

Although I am not a Domestic Violence victim, these warriors inspire me to always have the strength to leave any situation that hurts me and threaten my peace. These warriors also epitomizes the message that there is life after traumatic experiences and we will all emerge stronger. We must also recognize that there are some situations that we must leave rather than trying to repair them. I salute these warriors for their strength and their ability to inspire others.

This week I challenge you to reach out to a survivor and celebrate them for leaving. Also, if you know someone who is currently a victim, pick up the phone and call them. Let them know that you are always a phone call away and encourage them to get out in a timely and safe manner. Lastly, if you are facing a situation in your life that threatens your peace or hurts you, let it go rather than trying to fix it. We are All warriors in some aspect of our lives. We will all emerge stronger like a phoenix rising out of the ashes. We all have a story to share that will inspire others to evolve!

Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)



3 replies on “Purple Ribbon Warriors”

I love this🥰 I am a survivor 💜💜💜 It could have been worse for me by God had other plans.
Thanks to my support system.
Love you my sister 💜💜💜

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