Embrace Sisterhood

As we all know the Emmy’s aired on television last night. Although I didn’t have time to tune in, I was really hyped this year. It wasn’t the actual broadcast that had me excited, it was a social media post that really captivated me. Regina King, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Issa Rae took such an amazing photo that displayed the epitome of sisterhood. While all ladies prayed to take home the trophy, they still cheered each other on and offered well wishes to one another. Talk about Black Girl Magic at its finest! In essence, this is what our relationships with other women should embody. Now, think about the women in your circle. Do you hype each other up and wish that you all win? When one wins, do you view it as a gain for you all? This is the mentality that we should have when it comes to our sisters.

Being apart of a healthy sisterhood can be very inspiring. When you have sisters encouraging, motivating and celebrating you, it propels you to keep striving to attain your goals. Sisterhood offer so many gifts. You gain accountability partners, cheerleaders, counselors, and a host of other rewards. True sisterhood helps you develop. In some cases, your sisters who have already mastered what you are trying to achieve can provide you with a blueprint to success.

In my circle, many of my sisters are older than I am, so they provide sound advice and hold me accountable to anything I commit myself to. They will not let me give up! My sisters motivate me, cheer me on and inspire me to evolve. Conversely, I inspire them to keep achieving and never be afraid to try new things. We learn from and influence each other. Additionally, we value the contribution that all parties offer to our sisterhood. Since they are older and have achieved great things, their inspirational words to me are “You got next!” This keeps me on my path to success and evolving.

This week, I challenge you to identify your sisters who inspire you to keep building, growing, and evolving. Thank them for always being present when you need them and remind them why you value your sisterhood. Then, I challenge you to find out the latest goals that your sisters have created and share yours. Encourage your sisters to keep pressing and Remind them that you are rooting for them. When one of you finally reach your goal, go out and celebrate. Remember there is room for all of us to WIN! Let’s continue to be inspired by one another as we evolve!

2 replies on “Embrace Sisterhood”

I Love this post! It’s ok to clap when my sister WINS! She may have been complacent in a particular area of her life, but that ONE CLAP or ONE WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT may just be what she needed to keep going, striving, and even breathing! Well written and extremely encouraging. Keep Inspiring.

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