Transforming Social Media

Social Media today is a way of life. We utilize social media for everything. We constantly have our phones or electronic devices in hand checking for updates, funny memes, videos, the latest celebrity updates and anything else we find enjoyable. Even our grandparents have adapted to the new wave and learned to use Facebook. Think about it, when we have any amount of spare time, what is the first thing we do? Check our Facebook,Instagram, Twitter and any other platforms that we have accounts on. Public Figures, Fortune 500 companies, and other business entities have even adopted social media as a way to network, market, and search for ideal candidates to join their organization. In knowing the pivotal role that social media plays in our daily life, this week, my challenge to you is to transform your social media accounts. Now I’m not saying you have to do a major overhaul and delete everyone that you’ve connected with. No! I’m just encouraging you to add more inspirational pages and figures to sprinkle a little more positivity and motivation in your timeline.

About two years ago, I was really going through a tough time. I envisioned my life going in a certain direction but I lacked motivation and found myself feeling stuck. I had to find a way to become inspired again and dig myself out of this foxhole that I was in. I tried fasting from social media but, I realized that I enjoyed utilizing those platforms and connecting with others. Therefore, I came up with another solution. Instead of doing away with social media all together, I decided to give my timeline a makeover. I added more inspirational pages and people who posted uplifting messages, quotes and videos to keep me going. Some of my favorites are Michelle Obama (love, love, love her), Cora Jakes, T.D. Jakes, Sarah Jakes, Grant Cardone and other business professionals. My community also includes religious leaders, moguls who inspire and even small business owners who are successful because they never gave up. This transformation which later lead to me creating Inspired2Evolve as a catalyst in making a difference. It’s truly to encourage others who are feeling like I felt 2 years ago and need a beacon of light to guide them through their tunnel. This is my way of reaching back and reaching as I climb.

This week, I challenge you to take a good look at all your social media accounts. Stroll through and assess your timeline. Ask yourself what message would others receive if they were to view your timeline. If it’s hard for you to find motivation, positivity, and inspiration in your news feeds, I encourage you to take my advice and follow some inspirational pages in addition to this one. Seeing those messages, affirmations, success stories and positive quotes will help motivate you throughout your day. Become inspired again and evolve!

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My social media usage has definitely evolved over the years. I’ve never been one to start fights online or comment on every little thing I did in a day, but I definitely don’t share anything personal now, and I try to just post positive or interesting things rather than spread around more negativity. I also look at my Facebook memories everyday and have started to delete old posts that embarrass me or don’t make any sense. It’s made me feel a lot better about the digital footprints that I’m leaving behind.

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