Let It Take Root

Since the start of this blog, I have constantly expressed the importance of speaking positivity over yourself and adopting an optimistic mindset. Well, this week’s post echoes the same message. That said, my question that I would like to pose today is, What are you telling yourself daily? Are you speaking life or defeat when faced with challenges? Reflect on those question. If the answer is the latter of the two choices, let me make a suggestion. Try incorporating daily affirmations.

In a previous post, I wrote about how your thoughts determine your outcome. Whatever you think, you become and your thoughts shape your attitude. In knowing this, I encourage you to integrate affirmations in your daily routine. Affirmations are powerful and can alter the way you view and approach situations. You become better prepared to tackle a challenge when you condition your mind to believe that you WILL overcome. Speaking positivity over yourself and into the atmosphere, aloud, helps things begin to manifest because there is power in the tongue. Somehow putting your name on a statement adds power and helps fulfill what you believe in your life. Embrace some affirmations, jot them down, speak them into the atmosphere and let them take root in your heart. Believe that whatever you declare will come into fruition.

When you awaken in the morning, say “I AM, I Will, and I believe! For example, “I AM intelligent, I WILL not worry about things I cannot control, and I BELIEVE my life has purpose!” This week, I challenge you to write down a few affirmations using the template I provided. Then, I want you to make a conscious decision to watch your words. Constantly remind yourself of your affirmations throughout the course of the day. The more you repeat those words, the more they will take root in your heart. The goal this week is to uproot negativity and plant positivity and allow it to flourish in your heart and mind. Affirmations are powerful tools to utilize on your path to evolving!

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