Inspiration in this Pandemic

As we all know, the world is currently dealing with a global pandemic. So much has changed and we are faced with a considerable amount of uncertainty on a daily basis. Many have lost long-term careers, are facing financial difficulties, and are unsure of how to piece their lives back together. Adapting to this “new normal” seems impossible because everyday we are losing loved ones and receiving new updates that makes this state of calamity seem never-ending. I know this time has created an overwhelming amount of anxiety, stress, and pain. However, in order to cope with it all, we must change our perspective. I know this may sound impossible or you’re saying “that’s easier said than done”; but keep reading and hear me out.

We have all heard the proverbial phrases “when life throws you lemons, make lemonade” or “see the glass half full instead of half empty”. Well, I can agree. If we adapt these mindsets, we may not be able to change the outcome; but, we can become inspired again. This will help us slowly begin to pick up the pieces and move forward in our lives. For example, as previously stated, some have lost jobs that they have dedicated themselves to over the years. This may be the perfect time to take all that gained knowledge and experience and pursue a different position or launch your own business. Become inspired again and use this time to hit the RESET button on life! Pickup that craft again or that business idea that’s been tucked away in the back of your mind. Do your research and JUMP! This is the perfect time to become inspired again and evolve!

3 replies on “Inspiration in this Pandemic”

Already so in love ❤️with this blog It’s going to be my favorite go to …when I’m feeling down 🙏🏾thank you 😊 to the creator your Amazing thought 💭 process and ability to grasp all my inner feelings into one bubble is literally perfect timing just want I needed in this pandemic Keep inspiring 🤗keep evolving 🤗(I love it here)💋

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Really inspirational. This pandemic causes us to feel trapped and now with you saying that it teaches us it’s really a road to riches type of deal. Right now we can really be stuck in our homes making shirts to sale, plates to sale, and etc. Sometimes we tend to forget it’s always another route and this reminder is just what I needed.

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